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A New Dimension in Catheter Ablation

Imagine an ablation catheter that allows electrophysiologists to know exactly how much contact force they are applying on cardiac tissues during the delicate catheter ablation procedure.

Endosense has met this challenge with the development of its TactiCath®, the first force-sensing ablation catheter to provide a real-time, objective measure of contact force between the catheter and the beating heart wall. Representing a dramatic leap forward in catheter ablation technology, TactiCath allows the electrophysiologist to deliver the right force for the right lesion.

A New Standard in Ablation Catheters

TactiCath is a high-end ablation catheter with features designed to have a major positive impact on physicians’ ease of use, safety, effectiveness and efficiency, while optimizing the latest in mapping and robotic techniques.

System Components and Features

The TactiCath is a high-end, 7 F sheath compatible, open irrigated, steerable ablation catheter that seamlessly integrates Endosense’s proprietary fiber optic sensor technology in the catheter tip. It is supported by the TactiSys® system, which is comprised of a graphical user interface, base station and splitter.

Key TactiCath features include:

  • Real-time, highly accurate tip-to-tissue contact force measurements
  • Sensitivity of less than 1 gram
  • Shaft: 7 F, usable length 115 cm
  • Tip electrode: 3.5 mm, open irrigated
  • Electrode spacing: 2-5-2 mm
  • Curve shape: 65 mm steering

Key TactiSys features include:

  • Easy-to-read data and easy-to-interpret graphics
  • Measurement and display of tip-to-tissue orientation
  • Axial and lateral force measurement
  • Force-Time Integral (FTITM) measurement (the calculation of force over time)
  • Automatically generated procedure summary reports

Anticipated Benefits

  • A major positive impact on the efficacy of lesion creation during AF ablation procedures
  • Improved safety of cardiac ablation procedures
  • Improved real-time decision-making, potentially shortening procedure times
  • Simplified physician training

Granted CE mark in 2009, Endosense’s TactiCath ablation catheter has undergone extensive pre-clinical validation in the United States and Europe. While improving physician decision-making and potentially shortening procedure time, initial data has indicated that real-time contact force measurement with TactiCath may have a impact on the safety and efficacy of the catheter ablation procedure.

Endosense’s exclusive TactiCath distributor for Europe, Latin America, Canada, the Middle East and Africa is BIOTRONIK. The TactiCath is currently not available for sale in the United States.